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New Astrology Emerging

June 23-28, 2022

In-person and live-streaming-interactive

We expect that by June 2022 there will be a lull in this wild world. We will know more then about masks, etc. We will review our criteria closer to that time, and make them very clear.
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We lie in the lap of immense intelligence, which makes us receivers of its truth and organ of its activity. Ralph Waldo Emerson


Introductory Video

Watch a short video from the three presenters,


Star Wisdom at StarHouse

A one-session-everything course in this approach


Available In Person and on-line

The course will be live-streamed. A manager on our end will coordinate with those unable to attend. If you don’t attend, you won’t receive the embodied experience, the in-person supervision, or the building of community. However, in these days, travel constraints are real obstacles, so will welcome you as best we can. Eventually, the course will be edited, and parts made available as a course online.

Viruses and restrictions: We will determine at that time how we will work with the latest requirements of government bodies. We expect that there will be, as in 2021, a lull that makes gathering feasible. We will know more closer to that date.

Goals of this Course

  • To provide each participant with her/his birth chart based on the findings of New Astrology
  • To provide participants with the basic tool kit of an astrologer, with charts and tables and other tools
  • To learn to better assess your own life direction as well as that of others through increased understanding and astrological skill
  • To provide each participant with a Personal Star Poem for one’s Sun position at birth, based on the decades-long work of David Tresemer that characterizes qualities of each degree of the heavens
  • To enact participants’ first-breath (birth) charts using the instrument of the StarHouse.
  • To cultivate our sense for star wisdom by opening our awareness of the celestial beings and powers of the heavenly spheres (Though it is said you can’t tell a fish about water, we are doing just that—we will observe different qualities of the celestial environment in which we are swimming all the time.)
  • To develop and foster a community of practitioners of this New Astrology who can communicate about discoveries growing out of ongoing research and experience

Find out more about our approach

Our approach to astrology is informed and inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s indications found sprinkled throughout his six thousand lectures, as it has been developed by a small group of astrosophers over several decades. This deeper understanding of, and interaction with, the heavens is based on: 

  • A sidereal (star-based) view of the heavens, emphasizing the active and dynamic role of the beings working from stars and constellations
  • Equal length zodiacal signs (relating to the lineage of Zarathustra), equal houses, and recognizing the Earth’s role and significance to the birth chart
  • Anthroposophy (thus called astrosophy, with its particular guidance for understanding the beings indwelling the zodiacal and planets)
  • Identifying and working with spiritual themes in our lives in a way made practical by the research of Robert Powell, and the indications of cosmic Christianity, as understood through Anthroposophy. 
  • And other features that we will teach.

StarWisdom comes alive through active embodiment within each participant, made possible by working together in the instrument of the StarHouse. This immersion facilitates each participant forming conscious relationships with zodiacal and planetary beings.

Some topics that we will cover:

  • Learn about yourself by learning to read your own birth chart
  • Learn about others through practice in reading the birth charts of others
  • New and traditional methods for interpreting a birth chart
  • Zodiacal constellations in the birth chart
  • Patterns of moving planets
  • Planetary aspects
  • The important role of houses in the birth chart
  • Transiting planets in the course of life, and in relation to the 7-year phases
  • Determining the time of conception and its chart
  • The care necessary to treat this information of a person’s precious birth moment with reverence and understanding
  • The foundations of western anthroposophical sidereal astrology—why, and how, celestial events are important
  • The importance of understanding reincarnation and karma for human development
  • The role of inner development for a practitioner of New Astrology
  • Human Life phases: the 7-year periods of our life biography and the relation of those periods to the celestial spheres
  • The journey between death and rebirth, and why that is important for human destiny

Enrollment and Application

This intensive requires participation in five-plus full days plus some evenings.

Dates: Begin Thursday evening, June 23, 2022, 7 PM. All-day Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Evenings on June 24 Friday, 26 Sunday, 27 Monday. On Tuesday June 28, we will go to lunchtime, followed by lunch.

Enrollment will be limited to 24 participants, through an application process. More important than years practicing astrology is your motivation to learn. Our present on-line courses (New Astrology, series 1 and series 2) will be made available to all registered participants and can provide a strong foundation to a motivated person with little experience. After application, one of our team will arrange a phone call to interview you.

Scholarship program: We plan to have a scholarship program to which those of means can contribute. Please consider doing so. On the application it asks preliminary questions about your needs in this regard.

Costs: Cost of on-site for the whole course to be announced. Live-streaming cost to be announced

Meals and Snacks: Lunch and dinner are provided on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Dietary restrictions are queried on the application. Snacks and tea are provided mid-morning and mid-afternoon every day.

Lodging: Some lodging is available in nearby residences. These can fill up quickly, so please make your request soon. Rates are reasonable. Other lodgings nearby are the Boulder Adventure Lodge, which fills up in summertime quickly.

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About the Facilitators

Brian Gray has been a student of Anthroposophy since 1976, and of astrology since 1966. He has been a teacher of subjects related to Anthroposophy and star wisdom at Rudolf Steiner College for 38 years. Brian is also the author of star wisdom articles (published in the Journal for Star Wisdom) and is a presenter of several video courses on

Robert Schiappacasse has been involved for many years as a national leader in the Waldorf and independent school movement, serving in leadership roles and as an advisor for North American Waldorf schools on school administration, organization, and governance. Robert began studying astrology in 1971, and later studied with astrosophy pioneer Willi Sucher. He has been a student of Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy for more than 40 years. Robert is the author of star wisdom articles (published in the Journal for Star Wisdom), and is the co-author of the book Star Wisdom & Rudolf Steiner.

David Tresemer, Ph.D. is the founder of the StarHouse in Boulder, Colorado, and the developer of the Solar Cross system for the “star poem” qualities of each of the 360 zodiacal degrees. He has been an organic/biodynamic farmer and written The Scythe Book: Mowing Hay, Cutting Weeds, and Harvesting Small Grains with Hand Tools, which has sold a thousand copies every year for forty years. He is the author of star wisdom articles (published in the Journal for Star Wisdom and other books), and is the co-author of the book Star Wisdom & Rudolf Steiner. David is editor and contributor to The Counselor… As If Soul and Spirit Matter, and the past president of the Association for Anthroposophic Psychology.

What participants are saying...

"The course is helping me, as I am growing my knowledge of myself and Anthroposophy in such a special way. It ties together key concepts from Rudolf Steiner and real world potential from the starry skies. It has also caused me to pause and listen more. Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge and time to help initiate us greenhorns into the amazing world of Astrosophy!" ~ RH

"My goodness ... hard to pin down to one aspect... but a wise deepening of who I am, where I have come from and where I am going... life long questions I have been working on and thanks to this course I feel I have come along in leaps and bounds." ~ MS

 "I loved the way the course was structured to allow for personal self-driven engagement with the material following the sessions. I wanted to extend the learning beyond the session itself." ~ AM

"The course is succinct, well thought out, and progressively builds on previous info. The presenters are knowledgeable, easy to understand, interact beautifully, and sprinkle in some fun too! It is great that recordings of the sessions are available for review. The resource list was also much appreciated." ~ AM

"I have had charts done before and they all seemed foreign to me, did not feel like me. With your version, ... the chart felt like me, something that I can work with my feelings as well as my intellect." ~ CS

"I really love your integrated approach to explaining concepts. I like being able to slow down and review the wealth of info in the recorded presentations so it can sink in. All of you have great passion for your work and it shows." ~ AN  

"Even if I've worked with the zodiac and planets through doing eurythmy training, this has greatly enhanced my relationship and perception of these realities. As well, a new understanding of my life is dawning, granting me new impulses. I particularly appreciated living in the movement of going from the understanding of the physical body (through the zodiac) to the etheric body (planets), to the astral body (planets relationships), ending with the ego body (houses). This coupled with Venus-type and Sun-type aspects in addition to the well-known Mars-type and Mercury-type ones, are really a foundation to understanding astrology very differently. I truly appreciated your course and hope to be part of the next one." ~ CG

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