Ancestor Oracle: Samhain Ceremony

Saturday Oct. 30. 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Join us for an evening of Deep Autumn Ritual.
Come together at this potent time of year to Grieve and Praise our Ancestors.


This Shamanic Ritual Journey honors the wisdom of the stones and the bones. Taking time to be with the stone beings and the wisdom of our beloved dead can support us with a sense of wellbeing and prepare us for the winter months.

This sweet attunement to the medicine of autumn has the power to help us remember, heal and transform aspects of our feeling heart and our day to day lives.

Samhain is the 3rd harvest.

A time of preparing for the descent into the darker days of winter.
A time to discern what gets composted and what gets preserved.
A time when the veils thin to have more ease with the connection to the spirit world.

A meditative ritual where we take time to remember and celebrate those dear to us who have passed on. A time to listen and receive guidance and connection with the support of community, our beautiful nature sanctuary and the potent StarHouse Temple.

Due to Covid we are limited to 30 Participants.
Pre-registration is Required.
$36 / $30 members

Some features include:

Autumn Bazaar: Tea, Donuts Sacred tools for the season. Sage bundles, herbs, dream pillows, canned apples, herbal sprays.
Letting Go Fire Ritual
StarHouse Temple Ceremony and Meditation
Facilitated by Ixeeya Lin & Corin Blanchard.
Ancestral Altar: Please bring pictures of your beloved dead to add to our altar
Shamanic Interactive Prayerformance (live music)
Creative Mythical Mask Contest
Costumes Encouraged: It is a powerful experience to have permission to get out of our day to day clothes to embody the archetypal mythical energies! Have fun with this. (Our Team will be dressed up! Dress as your ancestry or your mythical, archetypal support team, a nature spirit or animal you feel connected to)

* Third Harvest Community kitchen:
Please Bring canned foods to share... There are many people in our community in need of food more than usual due to covid. Traditionally at 3rd harvest communities would share their resources to help each home have the sustenance they need to get through the winter. We will be Passing our 3rd harvest donations on to a family in need in our community. These can be things you have canned yourself or a canned/jarred item you bought from the store.

Thank you for sharing your abundance.