About The StarHouse

The StarHouse is a beautiful sanctuary nestled in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado, serving and being served by the community for over 30 years.

Constructed according to ancient geometric principles of ideal symmetry, proportion and harmony ~ in relationship with the land and celestial beings ~ the building itself is a star map. Its axis is aligned with the North Star and it is perfectly oriented to the four directions.

The StarHouse embodies in its structure the changing seasons, fluctuations in sunlight, and dance of the planets and constellations ~ a powerfully supportive space that honors and celebrates the cosmic rhythms of change while nurturing deeper connections between the land, stars and human hearts.

The StarHouse and surrounding land are overseen by All Seasons Chalice, a non-profit tax-exempt organization incorporated in 1994.

Sanctuary for the Sacred

Since 1990, people have been powerfully drawn to The StarHouse, often in magically synchronistic ways. Many describe a sense of being called here, of feeling home.

From the moment you experience this place, you know you're encountering something special. It is a space that is both incredibly alive and yet peacefully still.

In the midst of the chaos of a world in epic transition, The StarHouse is both a land-based place and an energetic field of refuge ~ truly a Sanctuary for the Sacred.

What is a Sanctuary for the Sacred?

EarthStar Ecosystem

The StarHouse is part of a larger ecosystem that inhabits this 70 acres of land known as EarthStar. Each individual component, interwoven as part of a beautiful tapestry, offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature, self and source.

This ecosystem is made up of:

  • Sacred Sites ~ two labyrinths, a dodecahedron, Mary's Well, Goddess Grove, a tetractys,and more
  • Retreat Cabin ~ a quaint¬†space available for¬†personal spiritual retreats (1-2 ppl)
  • EarthStar Farm ~ certified organic & biodynamic herbs and food are grown in relationship with the land, plants & planets
  • MorningStar¬†~ a community home
  • Community Hall¬†~ intention for the future,¬†plans County-approved in concept

The StarHouse Team

The StarHouse, founded in 1990, is operated by an incredibly devoted and talented staff, and  governed by a Board of Directors.

The StarHouse is also supported by a large team of skilled event leaders, facilitators, and ceremonialists who offer an array of events, courses and other experiences designed to serve our core mission of nurturing greater connection between the Earth, stars and human hearts.

Meet The Staff & Board

What does "Sanctuary for the Sacred" mean?

As an organization, we recently got very clear that the core purpose of the StarHouse is to be a Sanctuary for the Sacred. While it may make for a catchy tagline, there is a vast depth of meaning that is expressed through that phrase. One of the most magical qualities of this special place is that it invites every individual to find what that meaning is for them.

Surrounded by the majestic beauty of nature that continually changes and evolves with the seasons, we are reminded of the rhythmic cycles of life, death and rebirth. In the midst of this movement, we can also touch into the essence of life-force energy that is timeless and enduring ~ beyond beginning and endings. And we are reminded of the holiness, the wholeness, the sacred in all things.

Through decades of devoted tending of this sacred space, there is a field of powerful energy that is being continually generated and that supports us in orienting to a deeper connection within ourselves, with each other, and with the natural world. In this field, we can more easily look beyond the obvious, inviting ourselves to see more deeply, expand our perspective and open the flow of communication with all life forms, seen and unseen.

A few of the stewards of the StarHouse share here what 'Sacred' and 'Sanctuary for the Sacred' mean to them. We invite you to explore what it means to you and what is sacred in your world. 

Where spirit and matter dance...

At its core, to me, the Sacred is that which brings the divine resonance within us into conversation, relationship, and coherence with the divine resonance in everything. And that permeates all the realms and all the dimensions of our beings, including the physical. Sacred is where spirit and matter dance. The StarHouse {the temple and the entire land} has, for at least 30 years, been honored and tended as a place that is held open for anyone who comes to remember the sacred.
Corin Blanchard

The sacred is the space between...

It is easy to make the sacred a thing ~ an object. The sacred to me is the space between ~ the relational field ~ that makes a place, two or more beings, sacred. What makes something sacred is the existence of one because of the relationship with another. In all her majesty, nature is a deeply complex ecology of relationships. What makes StarHouse and the surrounding wild lands so special is how the relationships with the cosmos, the natural world, and each other are deeply honored, tended and cultivated, making each of these relationships sacred.
~ Darren Silver

All land is sacred...

In 25 years of living on the EarthStar property that surrounds the StarHouse, I have learned that all land is sacred. And, when one creates ongoing relationship with Place through intention and repetition, the felt sense of the sacred becomes stronger. This land and the sites associated with it have been in a glorious conversation with many living beings: the seen, unseen, human, four-legged, and winged.
Lila Tresemer

Breadcrumbs we forgot we needed...

The Sacred, to me, is the Holy that expresses itself through everything... to feel its presence within, the expansiveness of our interconnectedness, even the purity of the archetypal processes we are navigating as we become more whole, are sacred moments. Spaces that help us re-member, holding space as we oscillate between the sense of me, to we, to the sacredness within it all, are sanctuaries for the sacred; continually offering breadcrumbs we forgot we needed, to remember us home.
~ Shannon O'Kane

Everything becomes sacred...

Sacred is what happens inside of you when you awaken suddenly to the enormous number of unseen stage-hands necessary to put you onto the theater stage of your life. At that moment, and increasingly afterwards, everything becomes sacred.
~ David Tresemer

A place where we remember ourselves as sacred...

For me, the Sacred is the life-force energy and unconditional love that resides within all beings and their creations, and that brilliantly harmonizes the infinite unique expressions of that love and creativity as a perpetually evolving wholeness. As a Sanctuary for the Sacred, I know the StarHouse to be a place where we remember ourselves as the Sacred co-creating with and within the Sacred.
Holly McCann

Direct connection to all that is...

For me, Sacred means direct connection with Source energy, the Earth, the Cosmos… all that is! A Sanctuary for the Sacred is a place, a space, that holds the frequency of love and connection to Source.
Debbie Burns

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