The StarHouse

A sanctuary for the sacred ~ rooted here, relevant everywhere... 

"Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again." ~ Joseph Campbell

Since 1990, people have been powerfully drawn to the StarHouse, often in magically synchronistic ways. Many describe a sense of being called here, of feeling home.

Nestled in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado, the StarHouse resides on 70 acres of land as part of a larger ecosystem known as EarthStar. The StarHouse has been serving the local community and beyond for the past 30 years as a meeting place ~ a place for meeting others, for meeting oneself, and for meeting the elemental and celestial beings that exist in nature and the cosmos.

The StarHouse and surrounding land is overseen by All Seasons Chalice (ASC), a non-profit tax-exempt organization incorporated in 1994.

Our Why

The StarHouse and All Seasons Chalice are devoted to the transformation of life on Earth through illuminating and nurturing the connection between the Earth, stars and human hearts. It is our core belief that through this connection we strengthen and deepen our relationships with ourselves, our families, and our communities ~ bringing about a more resilient and regenerative world as we move beyond self-realization to earth-realization.

To that end, we offer a wealth of events and courses {both in the StarHouse and online} that are aligned with this core purpose, are free of dogma, and invite people into deeper remembrance and relationship with themselves and this incredible world in which we live. 

Our Vision

The StarHouse will continue to be a sanctuary for the sacred well into the future ~ a place and a space where people can remember, experience and embody their innate relationship with nature, the cosmos, and their essential selves. 

While personally owned and financially supported since its founding 30 years ago by David Tresemer {along with Lila Tresemer for the past 25 of those years}, it is clear that the next chapter in the StarHouse story does not involve private ownership.

It is our intention that ASC will soon be able to raise the funds to purchase the StarHouse and surrounding EarthStar land, holding in stewardship this very special place and community as a sanctuary for the sacred for the next seven generations and beyond.

Summer Solstice Community Highlights

The StarHouse is shining in summer glory! Enjoy some highlights from this year's Summer Solstice celebration - many thanks to all who were able to join us!


Upcoming Events

StarHouse Mysteries!

Choose from July or September dates
At the StarHouse

Join David and Lila Tresemer in exploring the deeper Mysteries of the StarHouse as a Temple.  Learn the keys, codes and geometries that make the StarHouse unique in the world, and discover how to use this sacred site to connect directly to Earth and Star wisdom.

Dates: Two different weekends to choose from: 

  • July: Friday, July 16th from 7-9pm, and Saturday, July 17th from 10am-5pm MT
  • September: Friday, Sept 17th from 7-9pm, and Saturday, Sept 18th from 10am-5pm MT
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Full Moon Ceremony

July 23rd, 7pm-9pm
At the StarHouse


Join us for the on-site Full Moon ceremonial cycle at the StarHouse, marking 30 years of participating in and celebrating the full moon cycle.

Come gather on-site and join the “living conversation” between the sun and moon (sidereally). Engage with this conversation within this sacred container that is very much alive and open to the energies present at the full moon.

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StarHouse New Moon 

Sunday, August 8th, 6:30pm-8:30pm
On-site, at the StarHouse.

We gather on the sacred land to honor the rhythm of our closest celestial neighbor: the moon!

Connect with this Cancer new moon (sidereal astrology) to re-orient and re-source along with the powerful allies of this place as you set a bold intention for the lunar cycle. The evening will spotlight a medicinal plant that works closely with this cycle of the moon, invite light-hearted communion, touch on some meditative impulses, and share a star poem for this cycle (based on the Solar Cross work of David Tresemer).

Facilitated by Tracy Koivsto, Herbalist & Astrologer, and Corin Blanchard, StarHouse Priestess & Certified Rolfer.

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Courses are designed to support you in weaving a deeper relationship with yourself and the world in which you live

Sacred Sites as Consciousness Tools Course

Coming Soon!

A seven-part, recorded webinar series to help you connect to any landscape or sacred site more consciously, to engage your body's energy centers, and empower you in creating your own sacred spaces. Led by Lila Tresemer and David Tresemer, Ph.D, we will work with these 3 nested realities: the physical body; a site in your own geo-mythology; and the planet as a shared sacred site.

A New Astrology: Basics of Star Wisdom (Series 1)

Explore the foundations of a new western anthroposophic sidereal astrology with Brian Gray, Robert Schiappacasse, and David Tresemer. A 5-part webinar series, plus a bonus Q&A session, along with handouts and homework for each session.

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Sophia Lineage

NEW Course!

Explore ways of connecting with the Sacred Feminine within, and find your unique signature of connection with Sophia through this 7-part self-guided course with Lila Tresemer. Includes video recordings and content-rich handouts to support this rich, and much needed exploration.

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