Greetings from the Stars
through StarHouse!

At the StarHouse, we use a star-based Western Sidereal view of celestial events, inspired by the philosophy of anthroposophy & Rudolf Steiner. Learn about The StarHouse & watch this video.


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New Astrology Emerging Course

A New Astrology
Short Series #1

A Five-Part Series with Bonus Q&A 

Learn the foundations of a western anthroposophic sidereal astrology that will ground you in the basics of a new astrology, and will serve as a prerequisite for additional courses. 

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A New Astrology
Short Series #2

A Six-Part Series 

A deeper dive using anthroposophic sidereal astrology to explore the patterns in our connections with celestial events.  Includes 12 hours of video recordings.

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StarWisdom & Technology

Five (5) presentations 

Temple Architecture, the Rise of Science & Technology, the Advent of Spiritual Science, the Goetheanum Temple, and examples of culturally creative individuals in our Time.

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The Astrology of Plagues

A Three-Part Series
Recorded August 2020

A study of pandemics throughout history reveals interesting patterns that we will share in this 3-part webinar with Brian Gray, Robert Schiappacasse, and David Tresemer.

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StarWisdom at the StarHouse

A Two Hour Webinar Recorded September 2020

What if your first breath was not random?  An introduction to western sidereal anthroposophic astrology, using the StarHouse as a supportive resource.

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Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

A Three-Part Series Recorded September-December 2020

In this three-part series, we share patterns learned from past conjunctions, challenges and opportunities at this time in America's destiny.

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About the Facilitators

Brian Gray has been a student of Anthroposophy since 1976, and of astrology since 1966. He has been a teacher of subjects related to Anthroposophy and star wisdom at Rudolf Steiner College for 38 years. Brian is also the author of star wisdom articles (published in the Journal for Star Wisdom) and is a presenter of several video courses on

Robert Schiappacasse has been involved for many years as a national leader in the Waldorf and independent school movement, serving in leadership roles and as an advisor for North American Waldorf schools on school administration, organization, and governance. Robert began studying astrology in 1971, and later studied with astrosophy pioneer Willi Sucher. He has been a student of Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy for more than 40 years. Robert is the author of star wisdom articles (published in the Journal for Star Wisdom), and is the co-author of the book Star Wisdom & Rudolf Steiner.

David Tresemer, Ph.D. is the founder of the StarHouse in Boulder, Colorado, and the developer of the Solar Cross system for the “star poem” qualities of each of the 360 zodiacal degrees. He has been an organic/biodynamic farmer and written The Scythe Book: Mowing Hay, Cutting Weeds, and Harvesting Small Grains with Hand Tools, which has sold a thousand copies every year for forty years. He is the author of star wisdom articles (published in the Journal for Star Wisdom and other books), and is the co-author of the book Star Wisdom & Rudolf Steiner. David is editor and contributor to The Counselor… As If Soul and Spirit Matter, and the past president of the Association for Anthroposophic Psychology.

What participants are saying...

"The course is helping me, as I am growing my knowledge of myself and Anthroposophy in such a special way. It ties together key concepts from Rudolf Steiner and real world potential from the starry skies. It has also caused me to pause and listen more. Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge and time to help initiate us greenhorns into the amazing world of Astrosophy!" ~ RH

"My goodness ... hard to pin down to one aspect... but a wise deepening of who I am, where I have come from and where I am going... life long questions I have been working on and thanks to this course I feel I have come along in leaps and bounds." ~ MS

 "I loved the way the course was structured to allow for personal self-driven engagement with the material following the sessions. I wanted to extend the learning beyond the session itself." ~ AM

"The course is succinct, well thought out, and progressively builds on previous info. The presenters are knowledgeable, easy to understand, interact beautifully, and sprinkle in some fun too! It is great that recordings of the sessions are available for review. The resource list was also much appreciated." ~ AM

"I have had charts done before and they all seemed foreign to me, did not feel like me. With your version, ... the chart felt like me, something that I can work with my feelings as well as my intellect." ~ CS

"I really love your integrated approach to explaining concepts. I like being able to slow down and review the wealth of info in the recorded presentations so it can sink in. All of you have great passion for your work and it shows." ~ AN  

"Even if I've worked with the zodiac and planets through doing eurythmy training, this has greatly enhanced my relationship and perception of these realities. As well, a new understanding of my life is dawning, granting me new impulses. I particularly appreciated living in the movement of going from the understanding of the physical body (through the zodiac) to the etheric body (planets), to the astral body (planets relationships), ending with the ego body (houses). This coupled with Venus-type and Sun-type aspects in addition to the well-known Mars-type and Mercury-type ones, are really a foundation to understanding astrology very differently. I truly appreciated your course and hope to be part of the next one." ~ CG