EarthStar Experiences 

The StarHouse and surrounding EarthStar land together form a beautiful sanctuary for the sacred ~ just minutes away from Boulder in a vast expanse of calm and quiet, nestled in the foothills at an altitude of 7,000 feet.

Envision a place in nature where the land, the structures, the community, the elements, and the unseen world are all held in right relationship.

Now imagine immersing yourself in this place, with a personal retreat {one, two, or three days} that includes your choice of a host of experiences offered by members of the StarHouse team of leaders and facilitators.

Examples include a vision quest on the land or in the dodecahedron, a Solar Cross reading in the StarHouse, a threshold-crossing ceremony to mark a significant milestone, a plant & planet session to become more familiar with the amazing medicinal herbs that are grown on the land and their healing qualities, and so much more.

Customize Your Experience

Customize your one, two, or three day, experience/retreat in relationship with the StarHouse land and offerings.

The StarHouse
A Sanctuary for the Sacred

Encounter the StarHouse as both a sanctuary for the sacred, and an activated instrument for greater understanding of Self and Cosmos. The temple itself is a star map, perfectly aligned to the four directions. Whether you are new to the StarHouse, or have been coming here for some time, these guided 1:1 sessions will help you deepen into the mysteries within this temple and the archetypal energies represented by its architecture.

Price: $100

Sacred Sites as Consciousness Tools

Visit the sacred sites found throughout the StarHouse land, each with a unique relationship between earth and sky.  Sites can include the Tetrahedron Swing, Mary's Well, Goddess Grove, Council Grove, The Power Tower, Standing Stones, Labyrinth, and others. Click here for more information on the sacred sites.

Price: $125 (90 minutes)

A Geo-Mythic Initiation Journey through the 7 Major Sites with Lila Sophia Tresemer

Envision the inner 7 chakras of your core being, learning and resonating with the 7 Geo-Mythic sites of the StarHouse Land. At each site, the inquiry will begin for personal to planetary insight. This is an opportunity to create a Vision Quest of both personal and collective value. The ideal is to remember how to use your own energy system to realign with the planetary energy system so both are nourished and insights are gained.

Price: $450 (4 hours)

Solar Cross Reading
with David Tresemer - Founder

What qualities streamed into you at your first breath? How can you work with these imprints to benefit this earthly sojourn? Who are the Star Brothers and Star Sisters from whom you can learn?

When you accept that your first breath (a.k.a. birth) was not random, it opens you to intimate conversation with the spirit-side of you that intended this particular birth-day, this particular quality. Based on years of research about each of the 360 gates (degrees) of the heavens, David Tresemer will guide you through an experience of the "star poem" of your birth, as well as the conditioning influences of the planets at that time. 

Price: $220 (1 hour)



Star Poem and Threshold Crossing
with David & Lila Tresemer

Working together, David and Lila will guide you over a meaningful crossing in response to a deeper knowing of your destiny and your sacred calling in this life. David will offer the full version of the Star Poem for your first breath in the StarHouse. Lila then works with you to highlight how the Star Poem image is valuable and relevant to you now. Based on that exploration, we will co-create a Threshold Crossing ritual to create the image gifted at your first breath into a somatic experience. 

Price: $400 (2 hours)



Overnight Vision Quest in the Dodecahedron

Lila Tresemer will facilitate a simple process of Inquiry in the sacred container of the Dodecahedron. Sleeping inside the Dodecahedron is a terrific experience of shaping the energy body to this 12-sided Platonic solid (Dodeca=12). Spending 12 hours in this process will allow for an alignment of time and space, and offer a potential glimpse at Universal Intelligence as it moves from the pattern of the DNA to cosmic realms. Lila will be your guide to enter this space with Intention, and to spend a night in silence and reflection.

Price: $450
(12 hours - overnight, with 4 hours facilitation)

Nature Vision Walk

A 1/2 day soul-centric guided walk in nature focused on gathering insight from the natural world for a particular purpose in your life. Together, we bring your inquiry into action and communion with nature.

Looking for a longer Vision Quest?  3-7 day Vision Quests are also available.

Price: $200 (3-4 hours)

Plants as Connection to Place and Planets

Let the plants be our guide, as we experience the diverse flora and fauna that inhabit the wild land surrounding the StarHouse. We will take time to discuss their medicinal qualities and relationship to the sky.

Price: $100

Cowry Shell Divination

Divination is an indigenous, earth-based intuitive reading oriented towards drawing forth your greatest genius and gifts. This is achieved through empowered symbols that represent aspects of the soul, elemental, spirit, and ancestral realms. The symbols speak the current story of your life and offer great insight into living a purpose driven life, obstacles that stand in your way, next steps to be taken, and ritual prescriptions to clear and align you to your truest expression.

Price: $135 (90 minutes)

Rolfing® Structural Integration Bodywork

Rolfing® is the original method of Structural Integration. It is an holistic approach that utilizes soft tissue manipulation and movement education to realign the body in the earth’s gravitational field. Much like a sculptor works with clay, a Rolfer™ applies hands-on pressure to the body’s living, malleable system of fascia (connective tissue) to lengthen, invite fluidity, and release restrictions and patterns of tension.

Price: $125 MorningStar Studio, $140 On-site at Cabin. 90 Minutes

Combine your experience with a stay at the Retreat Cabin

Retreat in an elegant rustic cabin on the StarHouse land. Situated on 35 acres of sacred land only 3.5 miles from downtown Boulder.

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To Make Reservations

Contact Debbie Burns, Administrative Director, at [email protected], or call (303) 245-8452, to customize your EarthStar Experience on the StarHouse land.

About the StarHouse Team

David Tresemer, Ph.D. is the founder of the StarHouse in Boulder, Colorado, and the developer of the Solar Cross system for the “star poem” qualities of each of the 360 zodiacal degrees. He has been an organic/biodynamic farmer and written The Scythe Book: Mowing Hay, Cutting Weeds, and Harvesting Small Grains with Hand Tools, which has sold a thousand copies every year for forty years. He is the author of star wisdom articles (published in the Journal for Star Wisdom and other books), and is the co-author of the book Star Wisdom & Rudolf Steiner. David is editor and contributor to The Counselor… As If Soul and Spirit Matter, and the past president of the Association for Anthroposophic Psychology.

Lila Sophia Tresemer is a group facilitator and certified mediator, author, photographer, ceremonialist, minister and co-founder of The StarHouse, and the Women of Vision program in Israel/Palestine. She co-creates programs for sacred living and remembrance, and is dedicated to building a global community, which honors the Feminine and celebrates the Sacred in all beings. Her current passion is weaving a living network for the Lineage of Sophia (literally, “Wisdom”) ~ for men and women around the world who are seeking to reconnect with sacred Earth activism and spiritual practices that matter in these astonishing times!

Lila's work includes: Don’t Go Back to Sleep (a spiritual novel); Sophia Elements Meditations; Sophia Gnostic Creation Story (click here to view this animated creation myth, available at no charge); The Goddesses of America (a 7-part course, soon to be a book); and Sophia Lineage (a 7-part course).

Corin Blanchard, M.Ed. is a Certified Rolfer™, relational alchemist, structural integrator, and owner of Alchemy Alignment. She is passionate about embodied, creative, empowered, whole-systems health for individuals, organizations and our shared planet. Corin is a non-traditional educator who brings 20 years of leadership and facilitative experience in educational nonprofits and social enterprise, plus 9 years as an entrepreneur and business owner—including a private bodywork practice and co-founding SOAKBOULDER. Corin graduated from Path of the Ceremonial Arts (PCA) in 2015 and has served on the board of directors of The StarHouse/All Seasons Chalice since January 2019.

Darren Silver, MA, is a rite of passage guide, Nature-Connected Coach, ceremonialist, and innovative educator. He has over a decade of experience working with ritual, wilderness living skills, and guiding transformational experiences residentially and internationally. A gifted storyteller and apprentice to the old myths, Darren weaves the power of the natural world, vision, and community in devotion to the remembrance of regenerative culture.  Visit Darren's website for more information about his work.

Tracy Koivisto is a Certified Clinical Herbalist, Certified Astrologer, Holistic Nutritionist, and Medicinal Herb Grower. She weaves plant medicine and astrology into her vitalist approach, serving as a guide for individuals on a path to remember and honor their bodies innate wisdom, while being supported by their plant allies. As a medicinal herb grower and steward on the StarHouse land, Tracy has a deep way of cultivating sacred relationships with the plant world and engages with her wildness through connections with the land and forest. She currently is pursuing a Master Degree in Mental Health Counseling/Somatic Therapy/Ecotherapy.