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May 18-22, 2022 at the StarHouse

Navigating the Temple of the body, soul and spirit in relation to the Temple of the World
Presented by David and Lila Sophia Tresemer

Introductory video: A brief video from the presenters is available .

StarHouse is a Modern Day Temple

Temples have been built throughout time whose shape and angles and materials are meant to impact those who enter—physical body, emotional life, and soul. These locations are dedicated to transformation in order to interweave earth and heaven. Temples when activated are not for everyone, yet are essential for some as training centers for expanded capacities.”

David and Lila Sophia Tresemer invite you to apply to join a unique opportunity for a small curated group of people to form an onsite community based in the deep practice and remembrance of Universal Principles. This is an opportunity to go very deep, from inside the instrument of StarHouse.

“The StarHouse is an alchemical instrument that affects personal, collective, and planetary spheres of Being. Once understood, the temple goes with us, wherever we are! Rooted here; relevant everywhere.”

Spirits are quite aware of what’s happening to the earth at this time and are eager to connect and communicate. They await human beings ready for these connections. The invisible is invisible for good reasons; only some are prepared to move beyond those limits. Those chosen for this first run of Transformations will be selected after an application and interview.

Once accepted, you agree to attend all four days in each of two sessions, and to work the practices in between. This is not a large time commitment, but practices do exist, and repetition is essential.

What's Included

Techniques and practices

  • Working the four bodies of the human being, physical, vital, conceptual, and spirit spark. We will differentiate them, then integrate them.
  • Presentation of concepts grounded in experience.
  • Working with the wisdom of the stars, both personally and for the planet. Each will receive a Star Poem for the moment of their first-breath (birth). Each will find their power spots in the Star Map of StarHouse.
  • The Temple of Nature is strong around StarHouse, many acres of different micro-systems accessible to participants.
  • We will offer practices that strengthen your physical and energetic bodies. Persistent repetition of powerful patterns is sustainable.
  • Practical magic, which means moving outside the 3D world and accessing the unified field where all life is interconnected.
    *A Threshold Crossing crafted from the Holy, supported by the Wild, and witnessed by the Community.

Medicines of the Plants

We will access the medicinal herbs grown on the property, and create meaningful connection and ceremony with planet and plant through them. This training does not use any psychotropic or psychedelic plant medicine and participants are asked not to use those medicines during the course and not for the week prior to each gathering.

Sky Gazing

 All evenings will have star-viewing communions when the sky is clear!

Goals for the Course

  • Find your allies in cosmos, earth, Nature, and lineage; move from isolation to support.
  • Expand your resources to the Temples of Body, Nature, and Sacred Structure as places where these bridges can be built.
  • Learn why the invisible remains invisible—why the extra-sensory stays out of reach—and how to extend the 12 Senses.
  • Discover your strongest allies in Nature, in your lineage, in your stars. Learning to build an active conversation and relationship with them.
  • Move to and through Self-realization to Earth-Realization—the challenges facing the planet will be the focus of this small, aligned group of who will listen and act according to the highest intelligence available to them! This is part of the mystery we intend to attract into the collective field on our shared journey.
  • Learn to change form—to trans-form—in order to expand possibilities for work in the world.
  • Experience and co-create a working sacred activist community with this group! 


Commitment: A participant agrees to attend every day and every session. This builds relationship to the instrument of StarHouse and furthers the power of the group to access experiences together. A prerequisite is love of the world, and not an eagerness to depart it. Knowing StarHouse is not a pre-requisite for this course.

Enrollment is limited.

Tuition: $1200 (one or two payments)

Scholarship program: We plan to have a scholarship program to which those of means can contribute. Please consider contributing to support StarHouse and the world. The application asks preliminary questions about your situation.

Dates: May 18-22nd 2022
1 session, 4 days (Wed. afternoon to Sunday afternoon)

Meals and Snacks: The course includes lunches Thursday-Sunday, and dinners Wednesday,
Thurday and Saturday; Friday night is open to go to town or provide yourself something simple.
There may be an evening without an event. 

Dietary restrictions are queried on the application. Snacks and tea are provided mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Lodging: Some lodging is available in nearby residences. These can fill up quickly, so please make your request soon. Rates are reasonable. There is a nearby Lodge within 10 min. in the hills close to StarHouse (“Boulder Adventure Lodge”). Lodging is not covered in the cost.

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About the Facilitators

Lila Sophia Tresemer and David Tresemer, Ph.D., are the founders of the StarHouse in Boulder, Colorado. They work together, grow together and love living life together! Lila and David have been grounding collaborative visions for sustainable community on the StarHouse land and in Tasmania, Australia, for decades. Together for the past 25 years, they have taught and facilitated at the StarHouse and in other places. They are dedicated to bringing more intelligent, ceremonial awakening into the world. Their devotion is to sacred union, within themselves, with one another, and with the web of life. (David’s Ph.D. is in psychology, and he has taught psychology and written articles and books about it.)

Together, Lila and David have co-created:

  • The Conscious Wedding Handbook
  • Couple’s Illumination, a DVD on energy dynamics in relationship. This is now the Illuminated Relationships four-part course at
  • Brain Illumination, a DVD on increasing awareness of the organs of the brain and how they can radiate more strongly
    The 12 Senses, a six-week course through
  • Illuminated Relationships, a four-part course through
  • Sacred Sites as Consciousness Tools:
  • EarthStar Sacred Sites. a seven-part course through

What participants are saying...

"David and Lila are true masters in the art of teaching. They guide, nudge and play without pushing doctrine or hard rules. They share their immense knowledge and wisdom with ease and grace. They uphold boundaries with open curiosity, allowing seekers, students, and experienced practitioners the opportunity to expand into our unique calling. Working with them has brought me closer to my unseen guides and in deeper connection with the wisdom in my bones. This recommendation is also an invitation for anyone reading to connect with the Earth and Star Beings that want to share their wisdom with us. Not for ourselves, but for the world that is thirsting our leadership and our gifts." Songya Kesler, Leadership Consultant & Executive Coach (Priestess-in-Training)

“I was so filled with new information. I can say that a person without much astro knowledge could still follow your thought. The stars above set the stage for human activity. I am motivated to increase my understanding of the star configurations. This is now solidly justified within my studies and I am very grateful for this.” – RR

“I found the course fascinating, with much content to continue to work with afterwards. Thank you for the recordings and workbook to deepen my understanding of these very deep concepts. I enjoyed the zoom format – Lila and David’s lectures, the break out rooms, the preparation “handouts” and the tours of the Star House, how it relates to the land and cosmos. It was nice to get to know people over a long period of time.” - RJ