Your Birth Chart in 3D

YBC3D: An Embodied Astrology Experience

(Revealing the treasure of an individual’s incarnation.)


Discover a birth chart reading like no other, one that uses the Star Map design of the StarHouse temple to give you an embodied experience of the moment of your first breath as captured in the heavens by the planets and the stars.

At the StarHouse, we explore the hypothesis that your first breath was a sacred moment in time strategically chosen to provide you with a blueprint of opportunities for challenge, support, and resource in this life. When one jumps into the stream of time, one also drinks from the cup forgetting about this choice around timing. Your Elder You (also known as Higher Self, Personal Angel) provided a treasure map in the form of your birth chart that leads to flashes of remembering and hints on what you signed up for and understanding for how to navigate this complex school for souls called Earth life.

Stand Inside a Star Map

The StarHouse is a multi-dimensional, living Star Map. It provides the space physically and energetically to bring your birth chart to life in an interactive, embodied, and unforgettable way unlike any other astrology reading available.


The Sanctuary provided by The StarHouse

It holds you and supports you in coming into greater conscious awareness of and receiving wisdom and insights from the stars. We then engage the elements of embodiment, color, sound, art, words, and movement, to deepen your understanding of your life and purpose.

This experience is available the second Wednesday of every month for six individuals. You can bring family and friends to witness your birth chart reading for free.

Come as a group! Gather your partner, a collection of family, friends, or coworkers to experience everyone’s chart and get a somatic impression of the challenges and gifts that each individual in your group came to experience and offer.

Cost for an individual reading: $400. This includes reserving your space in The StarHouse for one hour, running and rendering your Sidereal birth chart, and facilitation of the experience.

Cost per individual in a group: $350. Save $50 per person if you sign up as a group.

There is a $150 cancellation fee to cover preparation and administrative costs. Cancellations within 3 days of the experience are non-refundable.


Email Eve if you need more specifics at [email protected]

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