Body Wisdom ~ Mystical Movement Medicine

A 6-part Course of Embodied Heaven and Earth Meditations, with Ixeeya Lin

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5 Ways to Meditate with the Stars and the Earth.

Body Wisdom is a 6 part introductory class to experience how to learn, heal and pray with your whole body. Learn body maps, pure dance, mudras, symbols, geometries and sound maps that revitalize the body, build confidence and make new connections with the heavens and earth.

As we learn to move through the sacred maps of the body hard experiences like anxiety and overwhelm shift. Body wisdom methods come from the principles of the ancient temple dance traditions and body centered healing practices. They have the power to reconnect you to what you already know from a whole new perspective.

…Potent meditations that literally move you into your inner guidance system to access the sacred power of your body, the earth and the heavens.

Body wisdom is an introductory level class to access more creative connection and trust in your body, a juicy reawakening of your senses, and a way to experience more energy, presence and ease in your life.

In this course you will experience the tools and teachings I gathered from 3 decades of anthropological body centered research, sacred cultural arts and healing methods from a variety of dance, yoga and global earth based healing practices, that have helped me and countless others in living a more embodied, joyful and healthy life.

Preparations for Class: Dress in comfortable clothes you like to move in. Bring to each class a sketch book or paper and colored art supplies to draw with (pastels, pencils, markers, crayons …) Have a long scarf on hand, you may like a yoga mat. A water bottle. Bring your birth chart.

  • Welcome intro. Video
  • Making a Dance Map Video
  • Before Class stretches Video
  • Get your free Sidereal Astrology birth chart done at

What to Expect

The principles of the Body Wisdom Journey are explored through six sessions, including video recordings and content-rich handouts. 

Week One


Earth My Body, Sun My Lover

This phrase is so commonly used but what does it really mean. And what a relationship our earth and sun do have! Move into Experiential movement meditations to enter the mysteries of the earths true power and the suns red hot holy love affair with the earth. In a safe and playful way we unlock tension in the body to access the wisdom of our senses and the song of the geometries of light in your spine. Very grounding and revitalizing!

Week Two


Body Bridging

There is a way our bones, blood, nerves and cells carry information into, through and out of us. Moving with flow and focus, intention and presence we can be powerful co-creators with heaven and earth. But first we must understand directions, build the bridges of awareness and meet the geometries of light within. I'll teach you my signature compassing body prayer I learned in the Mayan jungles in Guatemala so you can open and close your movement meditations and are protected and strengthened during the course of our practice together. The connections we make in these movement meditations have the power to clear old stuck energy and build up our immune systems. 

Week Three 

Wild Divine Balance

We are like flowers. We reach and glow and wilt too. There is a wild intelligence in us. I call it primal instinct. When we cut ourselves off from this we can wilt just like a flower cut off its stem. We can get flooded and burned too. It takes a fine balance of both wild power and divine alignment to find our true sustained inner power and emotional stability. The StarHouse offers us a powerful balance of wild earth from the acres and acres of pristine land and the sacred sites that align and weave these energies for optimal integration and sacred epiphany. We transform stiffness and disconnection in this session as we explore where the world of wild ecstatic movement and divine temple dance alignments meet. This is a powerful medicine for our modern times where new circulation, vital life force energy is in constant deficit with chronic sitting and computer use.

Week Four

Embodied Zodiac

Looking up at the stars I remember feeling awe as a child. She could feel the power. She knew there was so much more than sparkly dots. The ancient wisdom of astrology has moved humans ( literally) all around the planet searching. As we get to know the stars and planets we learn how the heavens move our body and thoughts. The great zodiacal beings have impact on us, so let's take time to feel that. In this session we come to meet the zodiac intimately by moving as them and listening to them with our whole body. I will meet you inside StarHouse to share how I create the sacred dances of the zodiac and how you can set this map and movement mediation up wherever you are. They have the power to help you Shift mental spinning, uninspired states, and lack luster to re-member the living, interconnected magic of the universe.

Week Five

Temples and Houses

Isn't it interesting how wisdom likes to create home… why is that? We like to organize to assimilate as humans don’t we. We have limitations. We can not drink from a fire hose. So we learn to create tools and structures to pace ourselves to wisen. As an anthropological dancer and healer I have visited many cultures to learn their ways of organizing ancient wisdom, sacred energies and power. I have danced in countless temples, pyramids, sacred sites and natural wonders to feel first hand the raw power of place and the refined weaving of spiritual energy. This is fascinating to me. In this session we will explore the body as a temple, the temples of wild earth and structural earth temples as well as astrological houses that organize our zodiacal maps and human experience. Let's have a body centered experiment with our inner wisdom. Let's find out how our body responds to place, space and relationship. This is wonderfully helpful embodied information to discover in yourself to fine tune focus, essential freedom and mental clarity for daily living and prayer.

Week Six

Body Wisdom Movement Council

A powerful weaving of the last 5 sessions into a group movement prayer for our bodies, the earth and the heavens. I will discuss how to make these new teachings relevant and useful in your daily life. We will Review and Integrate through the body and have fun sharing the wisdom we have discovered along the way.

What's Included When You Join the Body Wisdom Journey

  • Recorded Video Teachings: Six weeks of recorded 90 minute to 2 hour recorded teachings on the zoom classroom so you can return to them over and over again after class.
  • Weekly PDF Map: To color in for each weekly teaching to transform into a powerful home play assignment to make practicing at home easy and relevant.
  • Music: Access to my specific music selections and Spotify playlists to enhance your practices.
  • Special Visual Aids: Images and videos of the StarHouse, sacred sites and Natural elements to build upon your practice.
  • Guided Audios: short guided movement journeys.
  • End of Course Discovery Form
  • Private Group Access: to our on line Body Wisdom Community group to keep the conversations and questions going in between classes.

Your Body Wisdom Bonuses...

  • My personal Embodiment Survival Kit PDF.
  • A Potent New Moon Guided Movement Meditation to reset for your next month cycle.

Possible Add Ons

Private One-on-One options with Ixeeya to personalize your practice or to work through a personal process coming up in your practice during the course.

  • One-time One-on-One: One times are great for a personal check-in during the course to get personal alignment tips and supportive transformational insight for your practice or go over the classes if you're having questions or how to deepen into the teachings. I only offer one-on-ones in conjunction with group courses. Once the course is over I do not offer one time sessions. Price: $150

  • 3 Session Package: Having a personal session upon starting, midway and after the close of the course can help you have a personalized experience and help you implement the body wisdom course teachings into scenarios in your life and find tune the movement and alignment to your specific body and healing needs. Price: $350

Please Note: Ixeeya does not do one time sessions. She only offers Premium 3 month Coaching Packages except when in conjunction with a program with these special rates.

Take the Body Wisdom Journey....

Open to new life force energies and vitality.
Develop a meaningful personal practice to experience your body as a wise living temple.
And a great bonus… having a new way to work with StarHouse wherever you are!

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Body Wisdom

A six-part introductory course of embodied Heaven and Earth Meditations, and mystical movement medicine with Ixeeya Lin.

Body Wisdom

A 6-part Mystical Movement Medicine Series
Coming Soon!

5 Ways to Meditate with the Stars and the Earth, with Ixeeya Lin. A 6-part introductory course to experience how to learn, heal and pray with your whole body. Learn body maps, pure dance, mudras, symbols, geometries and sound maps that revitalize the body, build confidence and make new connections with the heavens and earth.

About the Presenter

Ixeeya Lin is a Shamanic Priestess, Somatic Healer and Rites of Passage Ceremonial leader who has been working at Starhouse for 20 years. A devoted and passionate woman of spirit who is dedicated to helping you connect to your body and the earth to find both personal and global restoration, initiation and transformation. Seeped in a variety of traditions of sacred dance, yoga, ritual, bodywork, and shamanic training to resource your sacred awakening, personal healing and daily practices. Ixeeya holds a potent space for you to ground and discover more meaning and inspiration for your daily soul path. Ixeeya works both in person and remotely online.