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Sacred Sites as Consciousness Tools

A Seven-Session Video Course with Lila Tresemer & David Tresemer, Ph.D.

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The StarHouse is supported by a remarkable landscape {which we call EarthStar} that surrounds the temple. Sweeping vistas and intimate hidden places hold the sacred sites that we will introduce in this series.

There are seven sites, which correspond to the seven chakras {energy centers} in the human body. Working with a sacred site begins with ourselves, and we create resonance with the seven chakras on the land.

The intention of this course is four-fold:

  1. to awaken us to consciousness tools that can effectively wake us up;
  2. to create a connection to a geo-mythic landscape ~ EarthStar / StarHouse ~ where these tools are built and being used;
  3. to recommend exercises that empower our body centers;
  4. to inspire participants to create significant sacred sites in landscapes to which they are personally connected ~ such as your own backyard.

When we work with a land-based site, we connect to principles of ancient wisdom, and with active sites that still exist across the world. We also work intrinsically with the sacred geometry relevant to each of these sites. There will be exercises and engagement with each site at each session.

With each tool or instrument, there are actually two instruments working together:

  • the site/tool/instrument/form that we will demonstrate
  • you ~ your body, soul, and spirit

This kind of work requires a readiness to engage; it stimulates the mind through concepts and the body through enactment.

What's Included

This course is delivered in seven parts, each with a video recording and handouts. 

Session One


Base Chakra: EARTH

The Labyrinth

Found on many continents, the labyrinth is an ancient symbol that corresponds with the “walk of life” ~  twisting and turning, passing others on the path, and reaching the center. Earth-based practices will accompany this exploration.

Session Two


Second Chakra: WATER

Mary’s Well

Water is the essence of life for animals, plants, people and planet. Wells have been the meeting ground of the nurturing aspect of the Feminine for thousands of years. We will participate in “water magic” together.

Session Three 

Third Chakra: FIRE

Double Tetrahedron Swing

A swing, rightly used, has been a tool for enhancing consciousness for centuries. Our swing provides a direct experience of balanced polarities between two tetrahedra. We will share the method for creating a strong resonance to this geometry, and teach a way you can construct one, both small and large.

Session Four


Fourth Chakra: AIR

The StarHouse

The StarHouse is 12-sided, and the heart Chakra is 12-sided. On the EarthStar property, the StarHouse is clearly the heart center and hearth of the landscape. The number 12 relates to completion, harmony, and perfection. As a template, 12 connects us to the nature of universal wisdom. We'll explore how to work with the twelve-fold in your life.

Session Five

Fifth Chakra: ETHER


This form is the fifth Platonic solid, and relates to the most refined etheric energy body. There are no right angles in this form, rather angles based on the play of five, and spirals based on the Golden Mean. The experience in this space relates to a direct access to Universal Wisdom. Working with this form will connect us to many of the mysteries of creation.

Session Six

Sixth Chakra: VISION 

Power Tower

This location has a direct relationship to the third eye chakra at the forehead. There exists a resonance between the paramagnetic stone in the power tower reducing low-frequency cosmic waves to wavelengths engendering life-force and the transducer quality of the pineal gland. We will deepen in our understanding of how to work with pulsing and receiving energy through the pineal.

Session Seven

Seventh Chakra: THE CROWN


The ancient sage Pythagoras favored this form as containing secrets to all of manifest creation, and all significant geometries. We will explore the ways that this pattern becomes a template for many geometries, and a gateway from embodiment to spirit.

Sacred Sites
as Consciousness Tools

A seven-session video course to help you connect to any landscape or sacred site more consciously and empower your body's energy centers.

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Sacred Sites as Consciousness Tools

A Seven-Session Video Course with Lila Tresemer & David Tresemer, Ph.D.

coming soon!

You are invited to this stimulating and engaging seven-session video series where you will learn to connect to any landscape or sacred site more consciously and empower your body's energy centers, working with the EarthStar land and the StarHouse.

About the Presenters

Lila Sophia Tresemer and David Tresemer, Ph.D., are the founders of the StarHouse in Boulder, Colorado. They work together, grow together and love living life together! Lila and David have been grounding collaborative visions for sustainable community on the StarHouse land and in Tasmania, Australia for decades. Together for the past 25 years, they have taught and facilitated at the StarHouse and in other places around the world. They are dedicated to bringing more intelligent, ceremonial awakening into the world. Their devotion is to sacred union, within themselves, with one another, and with the web of life.

Together, Lila and David have co-created:

  • The Conscious Wedding Handbook
  • Couple’s Illumination, a DVD on energy dynamics in relationship
  • Brain Illumination, a DVD on increasing awareness of the organs of the brain and how they can radiate more strongly
  • A trilogy of theatre scripts on the emerging sacred feminine wisdom, which have all been performed in various places
  • The 12 Senses, a six-week course
  • Illuminated Relationships, a four-part course
  • EarthStar Sacred Sites course {coming soon}