Esoteric StarGazing

Friday, June 7 | 8:00-10:00pm

Building Intuition Muscle

What is Esoteric?

The Greek esōterikos is based on the comparative form of esō, which means "within. Esoteric knowledge is not something you get from books or someone telling you what is true.

It is a cosmic knowledge that lives inside you. It is acquired by seeking experiences and practices that provide you with an inner knowing that does not reside inside your head but from a bigger part of who you are... a knowing that emanates from the depths of your being.

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Our journey begins with an hour inside The StarHouse. This is such a gift!

It is so rare to find a Living Temple and one that is an astrological map.

We will play, literally, with this dynamic to further our understanding of the night sky and introduce yourself to the ecliptic. This is where we will build some intuition muscle.

In the second hour, we will be Stargazing with an emphasis on the ecliptic. Tuning into the area of the ecliptic is not the same as tuning into any star. There is a Spirit, or a Higher Self quality in the ecliptic which is unique among the infinity of the celestial sphere.

Stargazing, also known as Naked Eye Astronomy, meaning no telescopes, invites us to witness the universe with wonder and reverence. And yes, attire is required!

Why not introduce yourself to the Ecliptic.

Bring a blanket or a chair.

BTW, we will still stargaze even on cloudy nights

With Ed Burns

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