Nature & Nurture 

Connecting to the Sacred in the Natural World

Nestled in the foothills of Boulder, on over 100 acres of land, exists a sanctuary of open fields of wild flowers and medicinal plants, cultivated gardens, and pine forest.  Through decades of devoted tending of this sacred space, the land surrounding the StarHouse supports us in orienting to a deeper connection with nature, our essential selves, and the sacred in all things.

Join us as we wander the wild, explore the cultivated spaces and deepen in relationship with the botanical world.  Plants help us orient to place ~ they will be our guide and our compass as we delve into medicine making, herbal crafts, ritual, and story.  View our NEW offerings below!  Dates for upcoming workshops and plant wanders on the StarHouse land will continue to be released as the timing of this season's bloom reveals itself.  Join our mailing list to stay informed of more opportunities to come play with us, be in community, and commune with the natural world.

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Upcoming Workshops & Experiences

View our upcoming offerings for this summer!  Join our mailing list to stay informed as the timing of this season's bloom reveals itself, and even more course dates are released!

Interested in a custom experience for your family or a group of friends?  Email [email protected] for more information.

Saturday, June 19th


Sacred Plant Connection

The plants have so much to teach us; if we just take time to deeply listen. Practice coming into communion with the plant world by sinking into a meditative, heart centered practice in the garden and in the wild spaces. We will learn to attune to these sacred plant allies and work with these impressions through drawing, writing, or chalk.

Price: $20
Registration Closed.

Tuesday, June 22nd


Summer Plant Walks

We will let the plants be our guide, as we experience the diverse flora and fauna that inhabit the wild land surrounding the StarHouse. We will take time to meet these plant allies, commune with them, and discuss their medicinal qualities. Led by Clinical Herbalist and Earthstar Farm Steward, Tracy Koivisto.

Price: $10
Registration Closed.

Thursday, June 24th



Star Remedies: Plants and Planets

Begin to build your planetary apothecary by exploring the connections of Earth and Sky. Introductory class on how the plants and planets are related and how by getting acquainted with plant allies we may come to know the planetary attributes. We will create a remedy for you take home to start your star remedy collection.

Price: $30 (includes materials)
Registration Closed.

July - August

Nature & Herbal Craft Making

Harvest medicinal plants from the land and make your own herbal crafts together.

  • St Johns Wort Flower Essence and Oil
  • Sweetgrass Braids
  • Lavender Bundles
  • Burnable Bundles (Artemisia, Garden Sage, or Mugwort)

More details to come!

Saturday, July 10

Flower Remedies

Explore the potential of the petals. We will connect with the vibrant flowers in the garden and wild spaces; together we will create flower essences, learn about infusing oils with petals, and participate in a meditation to tune into the language of the flowers.

Price: $45 (includes materials)
Registration Closed.

Thursday, Aug. 5th

5:30pm - 7pm

Teas, Leaves, and Dreams

Join us for a walk through the garden to get acquainted with the many leafy botanicals that shine as herbal teas. We will sip on sun tea while we get to know these plants. Many of these same plant allies have been known to aid in relaxation and deepen your dream experience. Together we will choose a combination of plants that will create dream pillows; these medicinal bundles will be taken home to tuck under your pillow as an aid for dream enhancement.

Price: $35 (includes materials)
Registration Closed


Sacred Ritual and Smoke Medicine

Our ancestors practiced sacred ritual for centuries working with plants for purification and cleansing. Join us in meeting the plants that can be integrated in ritual to assist us to feel grounded, cleansed, and energetically purified. We will explore the landscape and ethically harvest plants and resins that are appropriate for these practices.

Price: $35 (includes materials)
Registration Closed

Saturday, Sept 18th

1pm - 3pm

Root Remedies

As autumn nears, the energy of the plants descends down into the roots. Join us as we unearth some favorite medicinal roots and celebrate the ritual of the change of seasons. You will get to experience different preparations to best experience these root medicines.

Price: $35 (includes materials)
Register here.

June - September

Custom Garden Experiences

Join Clinical Herbalist and Herb Garden Steward, Tracy Koivisto, for a 1:1 garden experience. Sit with the plants in guided meditation; discuss your astrology to discover how your star garden grows, deepen into your plant ally relationships to enhance wellness, or learn to make custom remedies or sacred plant harvests, guided by your curiosity. We will tailor your experience as requested.

Price: $120 (for 90 minutes)
(Individual and group pricing varies depending on materials - email us for more info.)

June - October

Nature Walk and Writing

Let nature be your muse, and the longing of your soul be your guide.  Let the outer landscapes reflect and inspire the expression of the inner landscapes; an entire world wanting to reveal itself on an open page.  When the rhythm of the land entrains the heart beating within, let the beauty of the creative come. 

Meet on the StarHouse land, bring a pen and journal, and let the journey begin!

Price: $15

June - October

Youth Programming

Wonder, imagination, play, and the mythic animating all things interweave with the natural world and the StarHouse land.  Join us for scavenger hunts, story adventures, harvesting plants, making teas and potions, building natural forts and storytelling.  A world of fun and imagination await!

More details to come!

Course dates are dependent on when flowers begin their bloom for this season.  Join our Mailing List to be informed when course dates are released.  For inquiries or custom experiences (for you or a small group) email [email protected]

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Stay informed of upcoming offerings on the StarHouse land as dates are released! 

About the Facilitators

Tracy Koivisto is a Certified Clinical Herbalist, Certified Astrologer, Holistic Nutritionist, and Medicinal Herb Grower. She weaves plant medicine and astrology into her vitalist approach, serving as a guide for individuals on a path to remember and honor their bodies innate wisdom, while being supported by their plant allies. As a medicinal herb grower and steward on the StarHouse land, Tracy has a deep way of cultivating sacred relationships with the plant world and engages with her wildness through connections with the land and forest. She currently is pursuing a Master Degree in Mental Health Counseling/Somatic Therapy/Ecotherapy.

Shannon O’Kane has worked in outdoor, experiential education for over 10 years, and as a steward of the StarHouse land for 7 years. Shannon is a medicinal plant gardener, wildcrafter, and Biodynamics practitioner, actively integrating the relationship between earth and sky, while emphasizing the weaving of consciousness in both land and plant medicine. Shannon is passionate about drawing out the mythic from the mundane, and offers youth programming on the StarHouse land with a focus on story, imagination, play and creativity in relationship with the natural world.