Experience the New Moon Each Month,

Connect with the Lunar Rhythm All Year


What soul seeds are you longing to plant under the fertile soil of the dark moon?

What sacred practices help you feel refreshed and enlivened with each new moon?


Every dark moon offers the opportunity for us to pause and breathe new life into what we desire ~ personally and for the collective. We take this time to listen, remember, and connect with our innate ways of knowing.

Step into an embodied connection with the New Moon to discover, deepen, and/or ritualize your practice! 

Guided by the lunar rhythm, we will enliven our manifestations and refresh our hopes as we embrace each new beginning. Rooted in the Earth while reaching for the sky, we will whisper prayers of intention and ceremonially anchor them for each restorative lunar cycle. 

Join us in person at The StarHouse for these celestial events

to cultivate a conscious relationship with the Sun and Moon, as well as the planets and stellar beings of the zodiac. 


What happens at a New Moon Ceremony?

During these live, in-person ceremonies, we will explore:

  • the position of the moon in relationship to other celestial beings
  • the influence and gifts from the zodiacal being hosting the New Moon and other significant astrological influences
  • one or more particular botanical allies¬†for each lunar cycle as terrestrial gateways to celestial wisdom from the planets
  • meditations and embodiment practices to invite deeper contemplation,¬†connection, and¬†communion
  • guidance on and ideas for personal ritual for the coming month

The evenings at the StarHouse will be shaped and guided by:

  • Gentle teachings rooted in astrology, herbalism, embodiment, mythopoetic resonance, and earth-based practices
  • Rituals for renewal and tools to refresh with each New Moon cycle
  • Inspiration from and awareness of the seen and unseen beings who join us
  • The essence of the constellation (zodiac sign)  hosting each New Moon
  • Collective co-creative energies that come alive when we gather together in our circle



At The StarHouse, 6:30-8:45pm

April 8

May 7

June 5

July 5

August 3

September 2

October 2

November 1

December 1

December 30

8-Month Experience


One Time Payment ~ 10% Off

  • Entry to 2024 New Moons at The StarHouse (7 remaining events)
  • Take-home journal pages and tea blends each lunar cycle
  • Monthly Ritual Guide PDF
  • Consistent connection¬†and ceremony to deepen your practice
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Ages 13+

Join us for any single New Moon Ceremony to set your intentions for the coming month, aligned with energies per Sidereal Astrology.


Friday, July 5th, 2024

In Person @ The StarHouse

Facilitated by Corin Blanchard & Arisa LaFond

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*Member discounts are available. We are committed to creating an inclusive community for spiritual practice; if the cost is a barrier, please contact us to explore options for access or assistance.


What is a New Moon? How can this support me?

At New Moon, the Sun and Moon are “together” in the sky from our perspective on Earth, so that the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth.

At this point in the lunar cycle, direct access to the Sun’s gift of light and warmth is reduced, so we must find the radiance from within our own being. New Moons emphasize creativity from everyone—experiencing your own Sun shining from within.

Foster deeper connection, belonging and engagement with the StarHouse, Sacred Sites, surrounding wild lands, and the growing global community that nurtures this Sacred Place!


Frequently Asked Questions

If I live outside the Boulder, CO area am I able to connect virtually to the event? 

    • The 2024 New Moons are offered IN-PERSON only, held at The StarHouse. While New Moons were available online throughout the pandemic, and we appreciated the option to connect via zoom, we do not offer a hybrid or remote option for these events at this time.¬†

Who are these New Moon Events for? 

    • These events are inclusive of every body. Ages 13 and up. No prior experience is necessary to take part in our celestial gatherings.¬†

Are events at the StarHouse accessible for people with disabilities? 

    • Since the terrain surrounding the StarHouse is mountainous and forested, and walking paths/roads are uneven and unpaved, we offer accommodations for drop-off/pick-up close to the facilities and/or accessible parking adjacent to both The StarHouse and the Water House (bathroom facilities). Please notify our team in advance if you would like to access one of these options so we can welcome and direct you onsite!

If I pre-purchased a ticket, and am unable to make an event, can I transfer my registration to someone else? 

    • Yes, with at least 48 hours notice. Please send us their name, email and phone number so we can welcome them onsite in lieu of you‚ÄĒand so they can receive any preparation emails or event cancellation notifications.

Please contact us via email with any questions for now! 

About the New Moon Team

Corin Blanchard, M.Ed., Ceremonial Co-Lead 

is a relational alchemist and structural integrator who is passionate about embodied, creative, whole-systems health for individuals, organizations and our shared planet. With twenty years' experience¬†in educational nonprofits and social enterprise, and twelve years as an entrepreneur and business owner ~ including a private bodywork practice as a Certified Rolfer‚ĄĘ and serving as a ceremonialist and officiant¬†~ she brings a wide range of educational, facilitative, and leadership skills. Corin graduated from Path of the Ceremonial Arts (PCA) through StarHouse in 2015, was program director for the Sacred Arts Practitioner (SAP) Program in 2019, has co-led a wide variety of seasonal and celestial ceremonial celebrations, and has served on the board of directors of The StarHouse since January 2019.

Arisa LaFond, Ceremonial Co-Lead

is a licensed MT, certified Advanced Rolfer‚ĄĘ of Structural Integration, SomaSource¬ģ Movement practitioner as well as a graduate of Hakomi, a mindful somatic psychotherapy program, and Ceremonialist.¬† She has worked with U.S.-Mex border issues, youth, refugees and immigrants from around the world, providing integrative services.¬† Arisa¬†graduated from the Path of the Ceremonial Arts (PCA) through the Star House in 2013 and is dedicated to Humanitarianism and Healing on the planet. She is a psycho-somatic-spiritual activist, healer and mover who facilitates transformative embodied experiences.¬† Her work in the world over the past 20 years is broad and far-reaching; she is dedicated to health equity, resource distribution & pleasure with whole-body integrated systems & ultimately¬†the wellbeing of the planet.¬†

Tracy Koivisto, Ceremonial & Herbalist Advisor

is a certified clinical herbalist, certified astrologer, holistic nutritionist, and medicinal herb grower. She weaves plant medicine and astrology into her holistic, vitalist approach, serving as a guide for individuals on a path to remember their own bodies' innate wisdom. Tracy encourages the cultivation of relationship and allyship between people, plants, and planets. As a medicinal herb grower, manager of Earthstar Farm, and steward on the StarHouse land, Tracy has a deep way of engaging in sacred connection with the botanical and natural world. She has a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling, Somatic Therapy & Ecotherapy. Tracy participated in and helped facilitate the Sacred Arts Practitioner (SAP) program in 2019 and has been co-creating the New Moon Journeys at the StarHouse for the past 3+ years. 

Note: For 2024, Tracy¬†is providing guidance and ceremonial support from Minnesota‚ÄĒtraining/advising a team¬†for continued integration of plant and planet wisdom as well as dimensions of ceremonial brilliance from her trainings and lineages.