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New Moon Winter Journey (This is a Live Online Event)

Connect ~ Belong ~ Engage


“Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit,
and resign yourself to the influences of each.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Please join us for this rich, guided StarHouse offering! In 3-month seasonal arcs throughout the year, we cultivate conscious relationships with the weaving of the moon’s dance with the Sun, the planets and the stellar beings of the zodiac—leveraging technology to connect across physical distance.

New Moon gatherings have been hosted at the StarHouse for over 30 years, under star-filled skies in this mountain temple west of Boulder, Colorado.

We now offer New Moon gatherings via Zoom ~ catalyzed by recent global events, and recognizing the magic of StarHouse is rooted here, yet relevant everywhere. This has resulted in amazing connections from across the globe!

Among the expanding worldwide community, people continue to seek ways to foster connection, belonging and engagement with the StarHouse and the other people who nurture this Sacred Place.

The series of 3-month New Moon Journeys matching the seasonal cycle of Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer provides a more intimate group experience to do just that.


You are invited into a very special group experience.

Musica universalis ~ the harmony of the spheres ~ is an ancient philosophical concept that regards the movements of celestial bodies (the Sun, Moon, and planets) as a form of music. By tuning in to this harmony, we can better connect to the rhythms and cycles within ourselves and the world around us.

Those connections are an infinite wellspring of wisdom, abundance, vitality and life-force from which we can re-source ourselves.

When rooted in a sacred place and weaving with a group of fellow travelers, this practice is all the more powerful! Experience your place in the order of things archetypally, mythically, and cosmically ~ while witnessing the patterns and interrelationships that emerge through the contributions of each individual participant.

Journey Details

Here’s what you can expect during this 3-month Winter New Moon Journey:

Monthly Online Gatherings

Monthly Online Gatherings

Held via Zoom very near to the time of the New Moon phase. Group calls fall on the following dates and run from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm each time.


  • Thursday, December 2
  • Sunday, January 2
  • Monday, January 31

During these interactive calls, we will explore:

  • the position of the moon in relationship to other celestial beings
  • the influence and gifts of the zodiacal being hosting the New Moon at that time
    the plant allies and their planetary correspondences and attributes
  • an encoded star poem message that reaches across dimensions of time and space
  • one or more meditations to invite deeper contemplation, insight, communion, and more
  • an embodiment practice that enhances our physical connection with these lunar, plant, planetary and zodiacal beings

A closing call for the entire journey experience will transpire on Wednesday, February 23 from 6-8pm.

Rhythmic Touchpoint Emails

Rhythmic Touchpoint Emails

In between new moons, you will receive periodic emails pulsing out key reminders, inquiries, and invitations to journeyers! The intentions will be to help you observe, articulate, deepen, and expand your personal lunar cycle practices and relationship to the new moon rhythm.

As the group journey deepens, there may be opportunities for other connection points, as well, and there is always the invitation to participate in other related StarHouse offerings.

Sacred Rhythms Kits

Sacred Rhythm Kits

Deepen your experience with a kit specifically designed to support you in your exploration of each of the three New Moons, and as you navigate through each of the month-long lunar cycles.

These kits uniquely offer and cultivate direct connection to the StarHouse, sacred sites, surrounding wild lands, and the community that nurtures this Sacred Place. They are are an optional add-on, highly recommended for the journey but not required.

Kits include a curated selection of ritual items and may include:

  • Hand-crafted herbal teas or remedies ~ flower essences, tinctures ~ from plants organically grown on the EarthStar land adjacent to StarHouse
  • Nourishing body care treatments and/or self-care ceremony
  • Star Poem card for remembrance and contemplation
  • Sacred objects energetically charged at a StarHouse sacred site
  • Inspired practices for embodiment, meditation, and more
Looking for the January New Moon event only?

Winter New Moon Journey
(single payment)
This is a Live Online Event

3-month Winter New Moon Journey, including monthly online gatherings and weekly touchpoint emails

$144 USD

Members: $122

Winter New Moon Journey
(3 monthly payments)
This is a Live Online Event

3-month Winter New Moon Journey, paid in three monthly installments

3 payments of $52

Members: 3 payments of $45

What is a New Moon?

The Moon orbits the Earth monthly. The Sun appears to circle the earth daily. At Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth (the Earth “between” them), resulting in total sunlight reflected all night off the face of the Moon.

At New Moon, the Sun and Moon are “together” in the sky from our perspective on Earth, so that the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth. At this point in the lunar cycle, direct access to the Sun’s gift of light and warmth is reduced, so we must find the radiance from within our own being. New Moons emphasize creativity from everyone—experiencing your own Sun shining from within.

Star Poem

Over many years, David Tresemer has researched* the special quality when the Sun lies in each of the 360 degrees of the heavens ~ 12 great zodiacal beings, with 30 qualities a piece. When a person is born in the atmosphere of that quality, it colors their life experience. We are sharing the poem of this celestial moment to catch its mood. These potent poems of the day cannot be obtained in any other way.

*The foundations of this approach are given in David’s book Star Wisdom & Rudolf Steiner.

Plant/Planet Allies

Particular plants have been identified as messengers of planetary patterning. The master herbalist Tracy Koivisto will assist us to receive the message that comes with the planetary sphere most active at each New Moon. We will explore how these herbal allies can support us during the lunar cycle

Awakening and Inhabiting Our Bodies

We explore the notion that a zodiacal being has gifted us part of our physical body ~ both in terms of structure (anatomy) and function. Led by Corin Blanchard, a Certified Rolfer™ in practice for 10 years.


Your Journey Guides

Corin Blanchard is a relational alchemist and structural integrator who is passionate about embodied, creative, whole-systems health for individuals, organizations and our shared planet. She is a Ceremonialist, StarHouse Priestess, Certified Rolfer™, Coach for Young Changemakers, and Officiant/Celebrant. With twenty years experience in educational nonprofits and social enterprise, and ten years as an entrepreneur and business owner ~ including a private bodywork practice ~ she brings a wide range of operational, educational, facilitative, and leadership skills. Corin graduated from Path of the Ceremonial Arts (PCA) through StarHouse in 2015, was program director for the Sacred Arts Practitioner (SAP) Program in 2019, currently co-leads the Quarter and Cross-Quarter Celebrations at The StarHouse, and has served on the board of directors of The StarHouse/All Seasons Chalice since January 2019.

Tracy Koivistois is a certified clinical herbalist, certified astrologer, holistic nutritionist, and medicinal herb grower. She weaves plant medicine and astrology into her holistic vitalist approach, serving as a guide for individuals on a path to remember their own bodies' innate wisdom. Tracy encourages the cultivation of relationship and allyship between people, plants, and planets. As a medicinal herb grower, manager of Earthstar Farm, and steward on the StarHouse land, Tracy has a deep way of engaging in sacred connection with the botanical and natural world. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling, Somatic Therapy & Ecotherapy. Tracy participated and facilitated with the Sacred Arts Practitioner (SAP) program in 2019 and has been co creating the New Moon Journeys at the Starhouse for the past year.