A Deeper Dive

Your Personal Star Poems help you discover gifts given from the cosmos, through the Sun, through the Earth, and from the horizons.

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Sun + Earth Gates


Top features

  • The Star-Wise Course in your Library
  • Personalized Hard Cover Book for Sun/Earth
  • 1:1 Consult with Specialist
  • Insightful Supplements

Full Solar Cross


Top Features

  • Everything in Sun + Earth
  • Personalized Book of your East + West Gates
  • Three (3) -1:1 sessions
  • Special East-West Gate Video

Solar Cross Immersion


Top features

  • Everything in Full Solar Cross
  • Five (5) -1:1 sessions
  • First Breath Astrology Reading
  • See more details below

What participants are saying...

"ILLUMINATING and PRACTICAL, the Solar Cross as an oracle for living a full and conscious life marries the past, present and future..." - M.J., Boulder, CO

"I feel these Images are accompanying me througout different situations... a way to handle my life with wisdom." - I.K., Jerusalem

"It seems each time I listen I gain a new insight/connection/relationship... leading to a deeper inquiry and acknowledgement of things known and newly revealed." - J.M., New York City