Singing the Planetary Scales in the StarHouse

August 26-28

A Deepening Course in Therapeutic Singing

Join graduates of therapeutic singing as they dive into the results of 30 years of music-phenomenological research with the planetary scales.

This research, conducted by Stefanie and Solco Aurig, is derived from the planetary scales used by Anny von Lange and Channa Seidenberg, in combination with the so-called “acoustic scale” often used by Bela Bartok. These scales have melodic elements that can be composed into healing “Musicaments”.

The heptatonic (or 7 pitches to the octave) system on which these mirrored scales are based is modified along with the sounds of vowels and consonants, rhythms and intervals to create ever more differentiated “melodic medicines” that can give fine self-healing impulses.

We will also look at the possibility to discover the qualities of the 4-fold human being (of body, soul, spirit, and “I” presence) reflected through the musical phenomenology of the diatonic, or major/minor/modal, scales. Over the years the research revealed how these conventional diatonic scales found their place in a new light as a balancing center.

A background in Anthroposophy and music will be helpful as our dialogue will contain ideas from both disciplines. Stefanie Aurig, the leader of the course, will be joined with lectures from Dr. Patricia Reber, and eurythmy with Glenda Monasch.

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