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Sophia Lineage

A Seven-Part Self-Guided Course with Lila Tresemer

Sophia: her name is synonymous with “Wisdom,” “Divine Feminine,” “Shakti,” and “Great Mother.”

She has been called many different names through time and traditions. Among them are: “Isis,” “Cybele,” “All-Mother,” and “Holy Mother.” She is the “first idea of Creation,” the sound that carried the vibration and signature of matter; she is the “Prima Materia” of alchemy, the “Anima Mundi" or "World Soul,” and the limitless light of Kabbalah, “Ain Soph Aur.”

And... she is largely forgotten.

Sophia Lineage is dedicated to Her Story, and to the essential need for us to re-member Her.

Gnostic texts largely unearthed in 1945 brought the importance of Sophia and of Mary Magdalene to light, and changed a way of thinking about the Feminine in relationship to 2,000 years of patriarchy and oppression. Many scholars have pursued the importance of re-establishing the Feminine to our cosmological view and to our creation stories, which form and influence how people find their place in culture.

Our fundamental belief is that we are “Anthropos” (the potential human being) in connection to Sophia. Our work in a synergetic manner is an essential part of rising up to discover how to be the most valuable vessels we can be during challenging times. We are so much more effective in our spiritual work when we are able to share it with others!

The Sophia Gnostic Creation Story, an animated creation myth video created by Lila Tresemer, is strongly featured in this course. You can view the creation myth here.

Through this self-guided course, you will explore ways of connecting with the Sacred Feminine within, finding your own unique signature of connection with Her, and allowing that to guide you in the unfolding relationship to realizing your full potential.


What's Included

The Sophia Lineage course is delivered over seven sessions, including video recordings and handouts that you move through at your own pace.

Session One


Connecting to the Sacred Feminine

We find our personal connection to the emerging remembrance of the Sacred Feminine. The highest value in this work is to be in a direct connection with Her essence, and to draw on what you hold as sacred. You will be invited to create a dedication and an altar to honor this 7-session journey.

Session Two


Sophia Elements Meditation

“The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” ~ Albert Einstein (attributed)

This is a key statement in how we approach this work together, and how to transform personal as well as cultural challenges to the principles and values of Feminine Wisdom. We also begin a deeper dive into the Sophia Elements Meditation.

Session Three 

Navigating Collective Challenges

We make this process deeply personal as well as related to the collective. We can only address the external when we are more deeply in touch with the internal. We explore situations of climate change, and the many challenges facing the planet today, with a model for how to engage with them and avoid burnout!

Session Four

Illumination & Creation

We explore Light, as it relates to the brain and the illumination of our own nervous system. Being a vessel of that Light, we can flood into patterns related to creation: the 4 elements and the 12 zodiacal signs. All of these are relevant to creating a working template of transformation.

Session Five

Geometries to Embody Templates

Geometries within the StarHouse become another way to embody powerful templates that are shared by others. We engage in a meditation practice that is being held by many others at this time, related to the elements and how to consider environmental issues of global concern.

Session Six

Sacred Earth Activism

Sacred Earth Activism is a term that we engage with very powerfully. How do we take a stand for the planet and be as effective as possible, working with universal pattern? And what is the role of love as the fifth element?

Session Seven

Reviewing Herstory

We review some of the history, both known and forgotten, of the lineage of Sophia in the Western world. An opportunity to continue to work with this lineage is presented.

Sophia Lineage

A 7-part self-guided course with Lila Tresemer, exploring ways of connecting with the Sacred Feminine within. Includes video recordings and content-rich handouts.

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Sophia Lineage

A Seven-Part Course with Lila Tresemer

You are invited to join this self-guided course, exploring the relationship with the Sacred Feminine within and finding your unique signature of connection with Sophia.

About the Presenter

Lila Sophia Tresemer is a group facilitator and certified mediator, author, photographer, ceremonialist, minister and co-founder of The StarHouse, and the Women of Vision program in Israel/Palestine. She co-creates programs for sacred living and remembrance online and onsite at the StarHouse in Boulder. Lila is dedicated to building a global community, which honors the Feminine and celebrates the Sacred in all beings. Her current passion is weaving a living network for the Lineage of Sophia (literally, “Wisdom”) ~ for men and women around the world who are seeking to reconnect with sacred Earth activism and spiritual practices that matter in these astonishing times!

Lila’s work includes: Don’t Go Back to Sleep (a spiritual novel); Sophia Elements MeditationsSophia Gnostic Creation Story (click here to view this animated creation myth, available at no charge); The Goddesses of America (a 7-part course, soon to be a book); and Sophia Lineage (a 7-part course).