Spirit-Remembering in Troubled Times

With Christine Huston, David Tresemer, Ph.D., and others.

January 14, 2021 at 6pm Mountain Time

Everyone has had special experiences through which spirit and soul have spoken to you, often simple and brief, unmistakable, and very personal.  Many threats of our modern world erode our memory of these precious experiences and reduce our ability to experience them.  We would like to help you to set these landmarks for yourself.

The philosopher Rudolf Steiner recommended Spirit-Remembering as the beginning for developing capacities for encountering spirit in every moment.  Steiner also pointed to conditions and forces in modern life that work against these abilities – through electro-magnetics, pollution, climate changes, epidemics, and injections protecting us from epidemics…. This last one has been a motivation to design our “Assessment.”

StarHouse and the Association for Anthroposophic Psychology are collaborating to offer you a low cost ($7 to cover administrative costs) webinar on what spirit-remembering means.  We will share our “Spirit-Remembering Assessment” - a list of 12 questions to help evoke memories of your personal connection with spirit.  Following the webinar, we hope you will be inspired to create opportunities to bring these questions to friends and family so that each individual can keep a personal and private record of spirit-happenings in his/her life.  Some weeks after our initial presentation, we will schedule a follow-up conference call so that anyone who wishes to can share experiences of what it was like to take others through this spirit-remembering process.  

The purpose of the introduction is to explain what is meant by spirit-remembering, to demonstrate how simple and how close to you these experiences are, to model how you might answer these questions, and to lead you through some of the twelve questions in the “Spirit-Remembering Assessment.”

The webinar will be recorded. (You are welcome to send that recording on to others, though they won’t receive announcements of follow-ups unless they register.)  All those registered will receive the assessment tool after the webinar, along with the recording.

We look forward to exploring, with you, the benefits of Spirit-Remembering!

Spirit-Remembering in Troubled Times

The recording of the online webinar exploring the concept of Spirit-Remembering to help you set the landmarks of your connections with Spirit.

$7 USD


Spirit-Remembering in Troubled Times

With Christine Huston and David Tresemer, Ph.D., and others.

Explore the concept of Spirit-Remembering, followed by the sharing of a "Spirit-Remembering Assessment" - a list of questions to help evoke memories of your personal connection with Spirit.

Please note: the recording and assessment will be emailed within one business day after purchase.