StarHouse Summer Solstice & Father's Day Celebration

June 20th, 12-4pm

It’s time for some MAGIC! YES? YES!
It's been a long year.
Isn’t it time to lift our spirits and have some fun together?

Join us for A Community
Summer Solstice & Fathers Day Celebration!


Let's get outside to bask in the delight of sun and earth—and the great joy of creating together!
We are preparing a fabulous day of fun and connection.

This year’s theme is “Here Comes The Sun”...So start singing!
We need all voices ready to sing (if that makes you happy).
From devotional chanting on the community stage to peace dances, let’s raise our voices, open our hearts, and celebrate the sun!

We also want to honor the tenderness this year has brought.
We invite you to visit the grief altar to honor the community impacts of the King Soopers shooting and the COVID-19 pandemic.
Please bring pictures or offerings for the altar if you would like,
or take a prayer walk through the Labyrinth during the course of this day.

Finally, you won't want to miss the Procession to the Dance Grounds—
a collective Summer Solstice Ceremony with live musicians and dancers.

Let’s make magic together!

CROWN Father of the Year

CREATE the Mythical Sun Magic Parade & Play

LISTEN to mysterious Sun-Fun folk lore

BUILD Earth Altars for Community Healing + Prayer

SLURP down Refreshing Herbal Fruit Pops & Watermelon

PICNIC on the land or eat out at our Farm Truck Stand

...on the ENCHANTED mountain top.

It's a Summer Solstice Celebration for All Ages!

Life Size Puppet, Community Stage, Music, Magician,
Land-Based Parade & Ceremony,
Nature Crafts and more!

Join the 2021 Summer Solstice Land Adventure for the Whole Family!

Family/Pod Ticket Packages


Summer Solstice Tickets:

Choose individual tickets, or from ticket bundles for Family and Friends here! 

ALL FATHERS & Kids 12 and under are Free!


Join the 2021 Summer Solstice Land Love Adventure!

Explore StarHouse through Hands on Activities and Stories

1pm Stage Events & Food

Father of the Year Crowning, Music performance and Magician

2pm Solstice Precession

"Here Comes the Sun" group dance with guided Song and Movement with Acoustic music and more!

3pm Visiting the Sites

Labyrinth Memorial moment, and Prayers to Power Tower