Personal Star Poems

Discover Treasures Laid Down at your Birth

Your Personal Star Poems help you discover gifts given from the cosmos, through the Sun, through the Earth, and from the horizons.

The Opening at Birth

One moment, you’re floating in water, dark, quiet. The next moment, the world is bright and noisy; your lungs fill with air for the first time; you meet gravity. You’ve arrived in this School for Souls.

Birth is a shock, which creates an opening, a vulnerability. Stars and planets imprint upon you—that’s the map that intelligent astrology can interpret.

Most important is what streams through the Sun.
The Sun focuses and amplifies what lies behind—the patterns living in the starry script. Focalized by the Sun to you, this information-filled power beam elicits what streams up through the Earth from the opposite position in the heavens.

David Tresemer has spent 26 years articulating what patterns stream through each of the 360 degrees of the heavens, fashioning them into Star Poems to deliver to you the resources and challenges imprinted into your cells and your psyche at your first breath.

Sun-Gate opens for you; Earth-Gate opens for you. The eastern and western horizons open also, creating your arrival as in the diagram at the top of this page. Together these four Star Poems create a Solar Cross. In this work, we begin with the Sun-Earth polarity.

Discover what the Sun was Streaming to you at your Birth

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A more comprehensive video introduction can be found here:

Comprehensive Video

For 26 years, David Tresemer has studied the gifts of the Sun in each degree, and has found that pairing opposite Star Poems—beginning with Sun location paired with exact opposite from the Earth—is the most potent way to experience the gifts from the cosmos at your birth.
Later you can finish the Solar Cross with the East-Gate and West-Gate Star Poems.

“I have had charts done before and they all seemed foreign to me, did not feel like me. With your version, the reading felt like me, something that I can work with my feelings as well as my intellect.” BG, California


Treasures from your birth moment

“The Personal Star Poems experience is rich and deep. From my initial consultation, a potent hour, and then the many days after reading and digesting the material, I feel I've been given something I can work with for the rest of my life. …”

Heidi Rose Robbins, author of Everyday Radiance: 365 Zodiac Prompts for Self-Care and Self-Renewal

A Guide – an “Elder You”

For the decision about when to enter this School for Souls, you had a Guide—think of Higher Self or Personal Angel, or a wiser version of you, what we call your Elder You. The Elder You knows how the starry realms impact a life, even though your personality has forgotten.

The Elder You guided you to this Solar Cross for your birth opening.

What's Included?

Our specialist will guide you on a one-on-one experience of your "Star Poems" based on your astrological birth chart. This program features a personalized hardback book (over 100 pages including Star Poems, commentaries, Star Brothers and Star Sisters), an online training course on the methodology and practices to cultivate lifelong skills of connecting with and receiving guidance from Elder You* and the stars, as well as additional supporting materials.

The Star-Wise Course in your Library

Seven sections, each with text and video, to assist you to communicate with the stars, especially those stars important to you because of the Sun’s location at your birth. Section 3 trains you in mind-mapping, essential to your meeting with your Star Poems. You unfurl code words by learning how to work with metaphor.

1:1 Zoom Call with Specialist

By reading your Star Poem in a one-on-one Zoom call, our Specialist creates an environment and walks you through a unique mind-map experience that helps you absorb your Star Poem’s significance specific to your life. This consultation bridges between life concerns and stars—through Star Poems.

Personalized Hardcover Book

A hard-bound book between 100 and 170 pages, all about the polarity of two Star Poems. Full Commentaries are included to guide you, as well as Powerful Stars related to you.

We reveal Star Brothers and Sisters—historical personalities from every century who came through the same gates as you and breathed in these same patterns—are given, with brief biographies. Learn how they navigated the challenges and opportunities of the same Star Poem patterns that you share. For this we rely on the star-based zodiac called sidereal, so we can choose those Star Brothers – Star Sisters – who came through the same Sun-Gate as you in relation to the stars.

Supplementary Materials

Each Star Poem has hints and codes that are elaborated by supplementary materials, which will be sent after your 1:1 consultation, including a map of the heavens of your Personal Solar Cross, and voice recordings of your Personal Star Poems read by David Tresemer.


Why Personal Star Poems?

Your Personal Star Poems will satisfy a lifetime longing of understanding of Spirit and desire for an intimate connection with your Soul. This wisdom came to you as a gift from your first breath.
See what others have said:

“Instead of waiting for years for the Jungian archetypal dream that opens my subconscious to connect to my Soul, my Personal Star Poem was handed to me like a golden nugget from Spirit to explore immediately and unpack its significance in my life. I’m forever grateful to David for this gift!” ~Melissa Burch, author of Yearning for Magic: Spiritual Journeys of a Mother, Healer, and Lover.

“David Tresemer’s extensive research, sensitivity and profound intuition makes this an offering of great self-discovery. Also of note, one of the places suggested in the reading material that might have an extra resonance for me was the island of Iona. I have just returned from a trip there and found it to be deeply moving and I do indeed have a potent connection with everything about this sacred isle. Thank you for this experience!”
~Heidi Rose Robbins, author of Everyday Radiance: 365 Zodiac Prompts for Self-Care and Self-Renewal

"ILLUMINATING and PRACTICAL, the Solar Cross as an oracle for living a full and conscious life marries the past, present and future..." ~M.J., Boulder, CO

"I feel these Images are accompanying me throughout different situations ... a way to handle my life with wisdom." - I.K., Jerusalem
"It seems each time I listen I gain a new insight/connection/relationship ... leading to a deeper inquiry and acknowledgement of things known and things newly revealed." ~J.M., New York City

About the Creator

David Tresemer, Ph.D., is the founder of the StarHouse in Boulder, Colorado, and the developer of the Solar Cross system for the “Personal Star Poem” qualities of each of the 360 zodiacal degrees. David is editor and contributor to The Counselor… As If Soul and Spirit Matter, as well as Slow Counseling. He is co-founder and past president of the Association for Anthroposophic Psychology.

He is the author of star wisdom articles (published in the Journal for Star Wisdom), and is the author of the book Star Wisdom & Rudolf Steiner (with Robert Schiappacasse), an in-depth study of how Steiner’s Star Poems formed foundations for his life. Other books in star wisdom: Venus Eclipse of the Sun 2012, and Signs in the Heavens. He is co-presenter of the New Astrology Emerging training course for practitioners through

What knowledge streamed into you at your first breath?

How can you work with these imprints to benefit this earthly sojourn?

Who are the Star Brothers and Star Sisters from whom you can learn?

When you accept that your first breath (a.k.a. birth) was not random, it opens you up to an intimate conversation with the spirit-side. Based on years of research about each of the 360 gates (degrees) of the zodiacal ecliptic in the heavens, we will guide you through an experience of the "Star Poems" of your birth, as well as the conditioning influences of the fixed stars at that time



Make Sense of Life’s Experiences…

With the constant confusion of our times, our cultural conditioning and individual traumas, we often feel overpowered by anxiety, and sometimes despair…. Until we have an understanding of how the universe and the spirit world works and our place in it, we will be adrift in uncertainty…

Personal Star Poems is a way to navigate life that brings fulfillment, higher consciousness, and a deeper connection to Spirit and Soul!

"The Star Poem was eerily congruent with things happening in my life. I met with David shortly after finding out I was pregnant, and the reading spoke of motherhood, sexuality and transition in ways that prepared me for an important journey in my maiden to motherhood transformation. Having that sacred time carved out to get to know the 'coordinates' of my astral path in this essential juncture in my life was truly a gift.

What's more, is that the reflection time afterwards with others who had gone through the Star Poems left me feeling interconnected with other insight seekers and curious souls, near and far. This experience has left me not only with important contemplations that are supporting me on my path to motherhood, but also feeling more resourced and connected in the spiritual community."
~ KB

The ‘Elder You’ is a consciousness that was and is essentially you, wiser and older, sending you into this life’s experience for the purpose of growing your Soul

A more comprehensive video introduction can be found here:

Comprehensive Video

Research Expeditions

From David Tresemer:

The philosopher Rudolf Steiner observed that Jesus Christ and those around him acted in close coordination with celestial phenomena—every step was as a new birth moment. Finding dates for those deeds was a task. Assembling in the Solar Cross format was a task.

The key is bringing teachings from there-and-then to here-and-now, as treasures amplified by the Sun’s position.

Over the span of 26 years, I organized nine research expeditions to the places in the Middle East – Israel, Palestine, Golan Heights, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey. Also four separate trips to Greece. And, following the Magdalene trail, three research tours of Southern France. I sought the genius loci–the spirit of a place, what emanates from the stones and trees themselves–to inform the research on what occurred when the Sun lay in a particular degree of the heavens.