Sacred Sites

The StarHouse is surrounded by 140 acres of land in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado. Dotted around this land are several sacred sites ~ areas that have been designed and nurtured over the past 30 years, which support deeper relationships between the Earth, stars and human hearts.

Members and participants in select programs are invited to connect with the various sacred sites during specified times throughout the year.

ConnectĀ  Virtually

A seven-part, recorded webinar series to help you connect to any landscape more consciously and empower you in creating your own sacred spaces.

Led by Lila Tresemer and David Tresemer, Ph.D.

Sacred Sites

Explore in Person

Enjoy an EarthStar Experience and customize your one, two, or three day, experience/retreat in relationship with the StarHouse land and offerings.

Led by The StarHouse Team


Standing Stones

At approximately 1.5 billion years
old, the ancient stones surrounding the StarHouse come from various sites in Colorado. Each represents a sign of the zodiac, and each has metal related to that sign melted at its base. Walk the Stones, feeling the individual presence of each one, as well as the energy of each direction in the circle. Allow yourself to sense the deep ageless wisdom that these stones hold.

Goddess Grove

This meditation/council area is dedicated to Kuan Yin, the beloved Buddhist goddess of compassion and mercy. Her posture here, not seen in most representations, is said to indicate her readiness to spring into action to bring her compassionate help to the world.


One of the five Platonic solids, the dodecahedron is a geometric figure with 12 equal pentagonal faces. Plato worked with this concept as a model for the zodiac. Aristotle defined the dodecahedron as the element of ether and associated it with divine air, thought or will. This human-sized dodecahedron allows one to step inside one of the elemental geometries of nature.


Walking the labyrinth's spiral path is a powerful movement meditation. The pattern for this 7-circuit labyrinth, also found in Crete, Glastonbury and other places worldwide, is much older than the 12-circuit labyrinth found in Chartres Cathedral. Each stone in the "walls" of the StarHouse labyrinth was contributed by a person who has walked its path.

Power Tower

This form was pioneered by Philip Callahan, who observed that the large stone round towers of Ireland captured extremely low frequency or long-wavelength cosmic waves and dispersed them to the surrounding countryside to promote well-being and enhance life forces. The tower is filled with paramagnetic stone and is placed at a convergence of energy lines to enhance the energies of the Earth, stars and all the work of the StarHouse and sacred sites.


Ours is a wooden triangular construction of the Pythagorean tetractys ~ a triangular figure consisting of ten points arranged in four rows: one, two, three, and four points in each row. Try sitting, standing and moving amongst the poles and the seats to notice changes in perspective.

Mary's Well

This year-round well is dedicated to "Mary/Mari" in her many guises as a mother figure and originally a goddess of the sea. The water level is determined by the amount of snow that falls during the winter and is a gauge of the abundance of water at any given time.

Council Grove

In a remote clearing in the woods, in the center of a grove of old-growth Ponderosa Pine trees, sits Nature's version of a mythic round table. Here one can listen to the whispers of the ancestors, reminding us of the power of gathering around a central flame in mutual honor, respect and co-creation with all beings, seen and unseen. 

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