Embodied 3D Astrology

Discover your connection to the heavens through the placement of the planets and the stars at your birth.

At StarHouse, we use somatic and embodied activities to help you cultivate a relationship with the planets and stars from their unique position in the heavens, captured at the moment of your birth. This serves as a cultivation of deeper knowing of your purpose on earth, the challenges that are there to help you grow your soul, and the powerful resources to help you refine you and navigate your life with greater understanding and grace.

Please check out the variety of ways we currently offer to cultivate the relationship between your body and the heavens.

Your Birth Chart in 3D

A first breath Astrology reading using the Star-map built inside The StarHouse Temple

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Embodied Astrology IN PERSON

A monthly experience at the StarHouse to somatically explore one aspect of your birth chart.

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Stand Inside a Star Map

There are 12 posts inside the StarHouse and twelve 30 degree segments, one each per zodiac sign allowing you to feel held by the heavens.

This specific configuration provides you the opportunity to stand in the exact place of the sun, planets, and powerful stars in your birth chart.

Exact placement opens up a unique portal to feel, experience, and communicate with the influences that surround, support, bring challenge to and guide your life.